Beating the transfer market: When customers need to transfer their assets

Technology has made investment and pension transfers easier, but not all transfers and re-registrations are straightforward
by Phil Thornton

The ability of financial services firms to transfer or re-register customer assets to another organisation is a lesser known, but vital part of how modern consumer finance should work. A transfer involves the move of cash realised by selling the assets to a different intermediary or platform, while re-registration – also known as an in specie or stock transfer – is the process of transferring funds or shares without selling the underlying investment.

The amount of money held in funds by UK savers via investment platforms has soared in recent years. According to a 2017 market study by the FCA, platform assets held through fund brokers in the UK hit £592bn in 2016, up from £108bn in 2008. 
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Published: 08 Jan 2019
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