Back story: Georgia Sherman MCSI

Georgia Sherman MCSI, Channel Marketing Executive at Quilter Cheviot, won the Institute’s top prize after receiving the highest aggregated mark of the year for the Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification (level 7)

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In April, the CISI celebrated the achievements of some of its best and brightest members at its Awards Ceremony 2016. The glamorous event, held at the Mansion House in London, recognised the dedication and successes of those who have completed qualifications to the highest standards this year. Sir Alan Yarrow, Chartered FCSI(Hon), CISI Chairman, said: “Many congratulations to all those who won awards; your success now will help you to achieve your career goals in the future. It is events like this that make you realise just how much the Institute has influenced the industry’s development, not just in the UK, but around the world.”

We spoke to some of the prize-winners about their accomplishments, starting with Georgia Sherman MCSI, overall winner of the CISI’s highest-level award.

Georgia studied Geography at the University of Cambridge. She enjoyed discovering how different elements can affect the world, and particularly enjoyed the political aspect of the course and seeing what was going on in the world generally. Likening this to her current role, Georgia said: “Investment requires an in-depth knowledge of the macro environment and I think it was this that attracted me to the industry.”

After graduating in 2012, she joined Quilter Cheviot that September as a Trainee Investment Manager. To supplement her knowledge, she began taking CISI qualifications, most recently completing the course for which she was recognised.
"Your success now will help you to achieve your career goals in the future"She says that it has been a great help to her work in investment. “The Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification opens the door to a career in the wealth management industry, and the knowledge gained from the qualification can be applied to a plethora of roles. Having not studied economics or finance at university, it improved my understanding of financial markets and provided me with a range of skills that I will continue to use in my current role and in future roles.”

In November 2015, Georgia took on the role of Marketing Executive. “I really wanted to expand my knowledge within the firm and my new role gives me the opportunity to explore other areas within investment management. Being in a marketing role in an investment company, it helps to have an understanding of what the client wants and how our investment managers build and manage portfolios tailored to each client’s individual preferences.”

For those hoping to emulate her success in exams, Georgia says an understanding of oneself can be as important as knowledge of the subject. “It is important to understand how you learn. No one revises in the same way so my biggest tip would be to use revision techniques that work for you. I revise by writing out extracts from the textbook numerous times, so my biggest challenge was finding the time!”

Outside of professional and academic life, Georgia continues to push herself. She is a keen athlete, playing netball while also finding time to run.

For those considering taking on further study, Georgia says the CISI qualifications should be a first port of call. “I couldn’t recommend these qualifications enough. They provide you with a solid understanding of the wealth management world and they fully prepare you for a role as a wealth manager due to the client-focused nature of the exams, unlike some other exams out there.”

The Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification is the CISI’s flagship wealth management qualification, leading to full membership and Chartered Fellowship of the Institute. It is a postgraduate level specialist qualification, encompassing the breadth of knowledge needed to provide the highest quality service to clients. Comprising three units: Financial Markets, Portfolio Construction Theory and Applied Wealth Management, it provides a grounding in economics and interpretation of economic statistics, financial statements, investment analysis, portfolio construction and applied wealth management. Upon achieving the qualification you may be eligible to apply for our Chartered Wealth Manager title.


Published: 04 Jul 2016
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