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7-11 OCTOBER 2019


My Parents Rent and So Do I – Obstacles to home ownership and changing ambitions

Are your parents homeowners? Are you on the property ladder yourself? Do you think there could be a link between the two?

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Five ways a financial planner can help you

Let’s take a look at some of the main areas in which people seek advice from financial planners

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Around the world with CFPTM Professionals

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals around the world may face different challenges depending on where they are. Amyr Rocha-Lima CFPTM MCSI draws together insights and views from global professionals.

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CISI TV: Gilian Hepburn - Millennial's investment trends

Gillian has over 30 years experience in financial services and has recently joined Schroders as Intermediary Solutions Director.

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What makes seeing a financial planner like having an MOT?

We’re all used to taking our cars for their MOT, aren’t we? Our finances in some respects are no different to a car, they too require finetuning.

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Inheritance Tax

Find out who pays it, how much it is and how you can reduce its impact on your family and your estate

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20 Thoughts That Will Take The Fear Factor Out Of Financial Planning

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Early investing pitfalls

The Woodford fund situtation highlighted the need to look deeper under the bonnet when researching, says Jacqueline Lockie CFPTM Chartered FCSI, CISI head of financial planning.

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Vulnerable Clients: protecting those who need it most

How to spot and mitigate against vulnerability in clients by Gill Wadsworth

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Not sure whether you need professional advice?

You can do some basic Financial Planning on your own, but there are many benefits of getting help from a professional planner.

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Spring clean your finances – our 5 top tips

Many people consider Spring to be the season for rebirth – a time to rejuvenate and reset. Giving your home a spring clean may already be a tradition of yours, but have you ever considered taking a fresh look at your finances?

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Life's important milestones: how to save for the big moments

Taking time to set goals, thinking about what your priorities are, and putting in place a savings scheme for the future are all essential elements in good planning for your financial freedom

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Case study: Making the money last

Josh Butten FPFS CFPTM Chartered MCSI, director at boosst, helps put a retired couple's minds at rest after they come to him with concerns about the longevity of their wealth and the thread of inheritance tax.

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Why Invest?

The aim of investing is to look after and grow your wealth or to secure an income when you no longer work.

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Your financial planning questions answered

Certified Financial Planners™ answer some your questions about how you can plan for a better future

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