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Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification

The global demand for wealth managers are on the rise, and Sri Lanka is surely responding to these changes. Qualifying as a Chartered Wealth Manager will not only provide you with unlimited scope for professional advancement, but it will also help you focus on the bigger picture going beyond the concept of money management.

Qualification Structure

The Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification is achieved by passing a progressive study route that consists of three stages. The Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification is a postgraduate level specialist qualification which encompasses the breadth of knowledge needed to provide a high-quality service to clients.

Duration: 7 Months

  • International Introduction to Securities & Investment
  • The unit explores how economic activity is determined and managed in different economic and political systems. It offers an introduction to financial services regulation and understanding of ethical behavior.

  • Money, Economies & Uncertainty
  • The unit provides an overview of all areas of investment. It focusses on the nature of money, governments and the economy, the impact of risk and uncertainty and basic analysis for interpretation of data.

  • Investment Decision Making, Accounting & Governance
  • The unit explores the structure of a company and the implications of limited liability for risk management. You will learn to evaluate social and ethical aspects of financial engineering and appraise investment proposals.

Duration: 1 Year

  • International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management
  • The unit provides an understanding in to assets and investment products and finds appropriate solutions to meet investment, retirement and protection planning needs for your clients.

  • Risk in Financial Services
  • The unit offers a comprehensive global introduction to the major risk areas in financial services. It provides a sound grounding in the principles of the risk management framework, corporate governance and risk oversight.

  • Corporate Financial Regulation
  • This unit provides understanding to the regulatory aspects in corporate finance such as, corporate governance and business ethics, takeovers and Mergers, Prospectuses and equity capital markets.

  • Corporate Finance Technical Foundations
  • Focusses on the technical aspects in corporate finance, such as capital structure, business valuations, corporate transactions and corporate finance documentation.

Duration: 1 Year

Chartered Wealth Manager

  • Financial Markets
  • Think critically in the context of the analysis, interpretation and comparison of company information, making recommendations on fixed income and real investments, equity and much more.

  • Portfolio Contruction Theory
  • Think critically of the theory of investment as applied to the management of private client funds, tailoring of a portfolio to site the needs of clients' and consider tax planning measures.

  • Applied Wealth Management
  • Identify the requirements of a client, structure and manage a suitable portfolio of financial assets and communicate their recommendations to the client.


Diploma in Coporate Finance

  • Corporate Finance Techniques & Theory
  • The unit will provide a thorough understanding of techniques, theories and issues found in practical corporate finance situations.

  • Corporate Finance Strategy & Advice
  • You will gain basic knowledge of the technical aspects of carrying out corporate finance business, including preparing and analysing financial statements, the methodology of raising capital, business valuation techniques and a range of corporate transactions.

Studying for the Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification

You can choose to self-study using CISI learning manuals and sample papers. However, we strongly recommend having formal training with our Accredited Training Partner in Sri Lanka, Achiever's Sri Lanka Business School.

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