Insight Events

The CISI does not just offer qualifications to young people.  The employability and careers agenda is very much at the heart of our work with CISI partner schools and colleges.  We connect financial services firms with Year 12 and Year 13 students who are studying towards our qualifications, through the provision of Insight Events.

These events help to demystify the industry for students and contextualise some of the content covered in CISI qualifications.  They also enable students to network with practitioners at different levels, from various disciplines, in addition to helping them identify the wide range of career opportunities on offer to them on leaving school or university.

What does a typical Insight Event look like?

Insight Events are specifically for young people studying CISI qualifications in schools and colleges. Their purpose is to enhance students' learning experiences and help students to improve their understanding of working within the financial services sector.

Their future, your vision, our focus

The CISI has excellent links within the professional sector through its Corporate Supporters and network of local committees.

We hold regular Insight Events in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Jersey, with the possibility of expanding them to further regions.  Events are held at the offices of firms and involve allow students to engage with practitioners from a variety of disciplines and levels.

To further support students, they will receive free CISI Student membership, opening up a whole host of personal development opportunities.

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To find out more about our qualifications in schools and colleges, contact CISI Education Development:

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How can Insight Events make a difference?

Case Study - Maisy Salsbury

maisy-salsburyMaisy successfuly completed the CISI Level 3 Diploma in Finance, Risk & Investment in academic year 2017-18 and won the CISI award for best performing student in the Certificate in Finance, Risk & Decision-Making.

Maisy attended a grammar school in Kent where there was an expectation for students to attend university following the sixth form.  During her time studying towards the CISI qualification, she took the opportunity to attend three London Insight Events which were held during half-terms.  The London events, hosted by Investment 2020 and their partner asset management firms, encouraged Maisy to review her options post A-levels;
"The events I attended through the CISI qualification inspired me to apply for an internship or apprenticeship, a route I hadn’t ever considered before."During the events, Maisy took part in speed-networking sessions where she was able to interact with  practitioners working in different areas of a financial services firm.  Maisy feels that this provided her with a competitive advantage and helped differentiate her from other prospective candidates when applying for school-leaver roles in financial services firms.
"Thanks to the CISI and the Insight days it introduced me to, I have managed to connect with some influential people working in the financial sectors. This is a unique privilege that no other students (outside of CISI) have. It’s a real benefit"Since completing the CISI qualification, Maisy has gained a place on a prestigious school-leaver programme at JP Morgan Asset Management via the Investment 2020 scheme.

Case Study - Haris Elahi

Haris Ellahi

Haris attended King David High School in Liverpool where he was studying towards his A-levels between 2015 and 2017.  King David High School is one of a number of schools in Liverpool participating in a CISI programme, funded by the CISI Educational Trust .  Since September 2013, The Educational Trust have sponsored a teacher at Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College to deliver the Level 3 Certificate for Introduction to Securities & Investment to students at a number of schools in the city.

Haris knew he wanted to go into the world of Finance, but was not unfamiliar with how the industry worked and the possible routes in. After hearing about the programme, he thought it would improve his knowledge of the sector and successful completion of the programme would look good on his CV as well as providing a discussion point in job interviews.
"I applied to study finance and economics at the University of Liverpool but after hearing stories from guest speakers in CISI sessions, I began applying for apprenticeship schemes."Haris attended two CISI Insight Events in Liverpool acorss the two-years he participated on the CISI programme.  After he successfully completed the CISI qualification in 2017, Haris commenced an Investment Operations Analyst Apprenticeship at Mercer.

"It was actually thanks to the CISI Careers Conference that I have the job with Mercer, as the networking session allowed me to get to know an employee, and now colleague, of the firm who pointed me in the direction of the apprenticeship scheme they had started."

Haris's role at Mercer involves contacting various investment managers to collect information and data relating to clients.  He compiles quarterly Performance Reports to assess the strengths and weaknesses found within an investment portfolio. As an Apprentice, he is also involved in training sessions and meetings which entail frequent trips to Mercer's Head Office in London.  Haris loves his role at Mercer and has been invited back to attend CISI Insight Events in Liverpool, as a practitioner, to share his experiences with students on the CISI programme.
"Before staring my apprenticeship I was a little skeptical as to whether or not I was making the right choice, but after being here for 2 months it was definitely the best decision I’ve made."

Case Study - James Bartels

 James Bartels

Like Haris, James attended King David High School in Liverpool and studied towards the CISI Level 3 Certificate as part of the Liverpool programme.  Prior to gaining his place on the CISI programme, James was aspiring to become an accountant.  This all changed for James as a result of studying towards the qualification and attending Insight Events. It became clear to him that there was a lot more to finance than solely accountancy.

Following successful completion of the programme, James became an Asset Transformation Apprentice at True Wealth Planning Solutions.  James has also been invited back to attend CISI Insight Events to share his experiences as an apprentice, as well as being a guest judge for the "Liver-Birds Den" section of the event.

"Consider all your options when looking into where you want to end up as a career. A lot of students are under the same idea I was going into A Levels - you finish your GCSEs, go on to sixth-form then  on to university, which for many is just not the case. There are other opportunities out there. You need to find the one that suits you best rather than the one you believe others think is best.  It has to be your decision."