The Financial Planning Annual Conference 2017

Thank you for attending this year's Financial Planning Conference, the second held by us since the merger. It was a pleasure to meet you all and we hope the conference exceeded your expectations. We've put all the presentations, videos and photos from the conference for you to download, watch and view below.

Rewatch the key speeches on CISI TV

We had amazing speakers at this year's conference - Dame Kelly Holmes, Sophia Bera CFP®, Steve Webb and former IFP CEO, Nick Cann - just to name just a few. We've uploaded the key sessions from the conference on CISI TV - and we're continuously adding more. If you're a CISI member, just log in to start watching.

Dame Kelly Holmes - In it for the long run

Watch on CISI TV

Sophia Bera CFP® - Bringing financial planning to millennials

Watch on CISI TV

Sir Steve Webb - Pensions: the rocky (or not so rocky) road ahead

Watch on CISI TV

We've also made Nick's inspiring speech available for everyone on YouTube.


Speaker Presentations

We hope you learned at least one new and innovative idea from the conference, something that you could take away and implement into your own work. To help you with further inspiration, we've packaged all the speaker presentations from each day so you can see what our other speakers had to say, just in case you missed them.

Congratulations to our Financial Planning Award Winners

We'd like to congratulate all of our winners who have clearly shown that they are at the top of their game in the increasingly global world of financial planning. Our thanks go to all those who took the time to enter this year, but who didn't win.

CFP Professional of the YearWINNER: Warren Shute CFP™ Chartered FCSI, Lexington Wealth Management
Highly Commended: Francis Klonowski CFP™ Chartered FCSI, Klonowski & Co
Paraplanner of the YearWINNER: Kirsty Stone ACSI, Dart Capital
Highly Commended: Rebecca Tuck APP ACSI, Magenta Financial Planning

David Norton AwardWINNER: Ashlea Financial Planning
Highly Commended: OHFS
AFPF of the YearWINNER: Magenta Financial Planning
Highly Commended: Broadway Financial Planning
Good Egg AwardWINNER: Keri Carter CFP™ Chartered MCSI, Broadway Financial Planning

Photos from the conference

  • AQ5I8140
  • AQ5I8138
  • AQ5I8139
  • AQ5I8137
  • AQ5I8126
  • AQ5I8127
  • AQ5I8125
  • AQ5I8124
  • AQ5I8106
  • AQ5I8112
  • AQ5I8104
  • AQ5I8105
  • AQ5I8101
  • AQ5I8100
  • AQ5I8108
  • AQ5I8095
  • AQ5I8096
  • AQ5I8085
  • AQ5I8092
  • AQ5I8093
  • AQ5I8081
  • AQ5I8094
  • AQ5I8090
  • AQ5I8084
  • AQ5I8078
  • AQ5I8065
  • AQ5I8061
  • AQ5I8060
  • AQ5I8057
  • AQ5I8018
  • AQ5I7989
  • AQ5I8027
  • AQ5I7985 (002)
  • AQ5I7997
  • AQ5I8006
  • AQ5I7993
  • AQ5I7999
  • AQ5I8034
  • AQ5I8051
  • AQ5I8053
  • AQ5I7954
  • AQ5I8054
  • AQ5I8048
  • AQ5I8047
  • AQ5I7983
  • AQ5I8028
  • AQ5I7961
  • AQ5I8029
  • AQ5I7958
  • AQ5I8049
  • AQ5I7976
  • AQ5I7959
  • AQ5I7980
  • AQ5I7953
  • AQ5I7956
  • AQ5I7949
  • AQ5I7952
  • AQ5I7948
  • AQ5I7947
  • AQ5I7946
  • AQ5I7945
  • AQ5I7940
  • AQ5I7938
  • AQ5I7937
  • AQ5I7934
  • AQ5I7931
  • AQ5I7930
  • AQ5I7928
  • AQ5I7926
  • AQ5I7924
  • AQ5I7921
  • AQ5I7920
  • AQ5I7908
  • AQ5I7906
  • AQ5I7905
  • AQ5I7904
  • AQ5I7902
  • AQ5I7901
  • AQ5I7900
  • AQ5I7899
  • AQ5I7898
  • AQ5I7896
  • AQ5I7893
  • AQ5I7892
  • AQ5I7890
  • AQ5I7887
  • AQ5I7886
  • AQ5I7884
  • AQ5I7883
  • AQ5I7879
  • AQ5I7878
  • AQ5I7876
  • AQ5I7873
  • AQ5I7871
  • AQ5I7868
  • AQ5I7864
  • AQ5I7863
  • AQ5I7860
  • AQ5I7859
  • AQ5I7855
  • AQ5I7854
  • AQ5I7850
  • AQ5I7849
  • AQ5I7736
  • AQ5I7732
  • AQ5I7727
  • AQ5I7715
  • AQ5I7710
  • AQ5I7708
  • AQ5I7691
  • AQ5I7665
  • AQ5I7662
  • AQ5I7637
  • AQ5I7623
  • AQ5I7582
  • AQ5I7568
  • AQ5I7552
  • AQ5I7548
  • AN2U6289
  • AQ5I7544
  • AN2U6255
  • AN2U6281
  • AQ5I7466
  • AQ5I7542
  • AQ5I7480
  • AQ5I7539
  • AQ5I7339

Relive the best moments on #FPAC17

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