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8 May – 12 May 2017 marks the CISI’s Financial Planning Week

What is Financial Planning Week?

A week dedicated to improving the nation’s financial fitness. Financial Planning Week 2017, which commences 8 May, represents a national initiative to bring financial planning to the consumer forefront. The week brings together CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals, Accredited Financial Planning FirmsTM, schools and financial planning professional media in a bid to improve the financial fitness of the British public.


Financial planning firms across the UK will offer:

Through the campaign, we aim to:

  1. Raise consumer awareness of the benefits of financial planning
  2. Help CISI members and their firms to show consumers the value of the financial planning service they provide, and build their brand with the media too
  3. Help consumers discover the benefits of having a financial plan and of working with professional financial planners, in particular with CFPTM professionals and Accredited Financial Planning FirmsTM
  4. Build the profile of financial planning and the financial planning profession

Media Coverage

The week also gets the support of the financial planning sector media which, alongside financial planning firms, will highlight consumer themes and money management issues. For examples of previous media coverage achieved, please see the articles from :

Press Office Contact Details:

 +44(0)20 7645 0662

How your firm can get involved

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with Financial Planning Week this year, which takes place from 8 May. Here are some of the activities you might like to get involved with. If you're interested in taking part, let us know you're interested and we'll be in touch.

Toolkit & resources to support Financial Planning Week      


Hold free Financial Planning surgeries at your office

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Nominate a CFPTM professional to be on our panel of experts

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Help us spread the word

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Volunteer to write articles, tips, blogs etc

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Highlights from Financial Planning Week 2016

From 6 - 10 June 2016, the CISI facilitated Financial Planning Week 2016, a national initiative to bring financial planning to the consumer forefront. The aim of the initiative, across five days, was to raise awareness of the importance of the role of qualified financial planners in helping people from all walks of life, not just the wealthy, and of all ages, to think ahead and plan for their futures. The week unified Chartered Wealth Managers, CFPTM professionals, financial planners, media and consumers in a bid to improve the financial fitness of the British public.

  • Over 50 firms offered consultation surgeries, providing access to financial planning experts in person, via Skype or over the phone
  • 200 ask a planner questions were submitted on our ‘Ask a planner’ feature on our consumer site, Wayfinder
  • Over 50 bookings for “Money Talks” Cass Business School event for millennials and students
  • 500 telephone calls from consumers interested in attending Financial Planning Week
  • And more!
We, as a firm, thoroughly enjoyed being involved in FPW.  We met and spoke to a range of people, the most rewarding being younger people or people of lesser means. It allowed us to sharpen our tools to communicate the important financial planning basics to people who might not normally have access to advice. We developed a handout to take away of '10 Top Financial Planning Tip's which went down well.

Ruth Sturkey CFP™ Chartered MCSI
Director at The Red House Consulting
Our aim is to help the UK public draw up their own, personal, financial master plan, incorporating all of life’s milestones, whether that be preparing for retirement, buying a home, being newly-wed, or starting a business. This is something everyone can benefit from, not just the wealthy.

Rebecca Taylor CFP™ Chartered FCSI
CISI Board Director and Managing Director of Aurea Financial Planning

A special thanks to all those who supported last year’s campaign

  • 1825
  • Gem and Co Financial Services 
  • FPS London
  • Hannay Robertson Financial Planning
  • Access Wealth Management
  • Addidi Wealth
  • Aspin Analysis 
  • Balance Wealth
  • Beacon Wealth Management
  • Bloomsbury
  • Chalkcroft Wealth Management
  • Clear Vision Financial Planning
  • Close Brothers Asset Management
  • Equanimity IFA
  • Expert Wealth Management
  • Freedom Financial Planning
  • Hyland Financial Planning
  • Jane Smith Financial Planning
  • KDW Financial Planning
  • Lubbock Fine Wealth Management 
  • Mackenzie Financial Planning
  • Matrix Capital Limited. 
  • Mazars Financial Planning
  • RVW Wealthcare Ltd
  • Santorini Financial Planning
  • Smart Financial 
  • Stafford Wealth Management
  • The Red House Consulting
  • UNIQ Family Wealth
  • Wilcocks and Wilcocks