COVID-19 Test Centre Closures

As a result of the continually developing situation caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have been working closely with our global test providers.

Please see below for current closures and requirements which are subject to further change. Should you have any queries or concerns please contact our Customer Support Centre on +44 20 7645 0777 or 

United Kingdom and Channel Islands:
All UK and Channel Islands - Closed until 1 May (Birmingham closure extended to 28 May)

Egypt - Closed until 4 April
Ghana - Closed until 21 April
Kenya - Closed until 18 April
Mauritius - Closed until 15 April 
Morocco - Closed until further notice
Nigeria - Closed until 28 April
Senegal - Closed until further notice
South Africa - 19 April
Rwanda - Closed until further notice
Uganda - Closed until 21 April
Tunisia - Closed until 12 April

China (Excluding Hong Kong) – Closed until 17 April
India - Closed until 14 April
Indonesia - Closed until 14 April
Malaysia - Closed until 14 April
Nepal - Closed until 12 May
Pakistan - Closed until 5 April
Philippines - Closed until 15 April
Singapore - Closed until 30 April
Thailand - Closed until 12 April
Hong Kong remains open under the below requirements.

Austria - Closed until 9 April
Belgium - Closed until 30 April
Bulgaria - Closed until 8 April
Czech Republic - Closed until 7 April
Cyprus - Closed until 13 April
Estonia - Closed until 31 March
France - Closed until 15 April
Germany - Closed until 30 April
Greece - Closed until 20 April
Hungry - Closed until 25 April
Ireland - Closed until 30 April
Italy – Closed until 3 April
Latvia - Closed until 14 April
Luxembourg - Closed until 18 April
Malta – Closed until 31 May
Netherlands - Closed until 30 April
Poland - Closed until 14 April
Slovakia - Closed until 18 April
Spain - Closed until 14 April
Switzerland - Closed until 19 April
Turkey - Closed until 30 April
Ukraine - Closed until 24 April

Middle East:
Abu Dhabi, Dubai – Closed until 19 April
Bahrain - Closed until 16 April
Jordan – Closed until 16 April
Kuwait - Closed until 12 April
Oman - Closed until 16 April
Palestine - Closed until 6 April
Qatar - Closed until 30 April
Saudi Arabia - Closed until 4 April

North America:
Canada - Closed until 17 April 
USA - Closed until 17 April

Oceania and Australia:
Australia - Closed until 14 April

South America:
Argentina - Closed until 12 April
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)  - Closed until 1 May
Chile - Closed until 5 April

Hong Kong

  • Candidates are required to bring their own mask to take their exam at the Hong Kong Test Center, masks will not be provided by the test center.
  • Candidates are required to wear their own mask at all times in the test center.  
  • Candidates are required to complete a “Health and Travel declaration Form”, this form will be provided at the test center. Any refusal to complete the will result in a candidate not being able to test.
  • Temperature checks will be performed at the test center.
  • The center is observing the Hong Kong Health Government policy for COV-19 – the checks being taken are to ensure compliance with this directive.
  • The Test Center has the right to turn away any candidates who do not meet these requirements.
  • Exam start time delays due to disinfecting and cleaning process:
    • Candidates that are scheduled for afternoon sessions with start times after 12pm: there will be a delay of 30-45mins to start times due to the disinfecting cleaning process that will be completed at each workstation. All exams for the afternoon will therefore start 30 to 45mins later than the  schedule time.
Last updated: 14:15- 1 April