CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme

By Lora Benson | Jul 12, 2020
The aim of the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme is to grow the profession of financial planning whilst continuing to improve standards of ...


The aim of the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme is to grow the profession of financial planning whilst continuing to improve standards of financial planning advice with the support of our experienced and dedicated CFPTM professionals. We hope that through building a strong and trusting relationships, aspiring financial planners and paraplanners can gain the knowledge, confidence and self-awareness that will empower and further their careers in financial planning and paraplanning.

The CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme would like our CFPTM professionals to deliver mentoring to aspiring financial planners and paraplanners and provide them with a wealth of relevant information that can be applied to their own progress in understanding how financial planning can change clients lives en-route to obtaining the CFPTM designation.


  • The CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme is based purely on voluntary roles and there is no liability on either party. The primary role for the mentor is not to provide any client advice, examination tuition or case study reviews but to support their mentee's progress as a financial planner, paraplanner and as an aspiring CFPTM professional by challenging them to think differently.
  • The CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme should run for a minimum of 12 months and can continue for however long both parties decide.
  • We recommend a minimum of 4 meetings per year; the frequency and structure of meetings can be determined by both parties.
  • Both parties will be asked to provide feedback to the CISI during the process.
  • The CISI recommends that meetings take place through Skype, Zoom or over the phone; for this reason, pairings will not be based on geographical location.

If you are interested in participating in the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme, please complete the forms below.

Mentee form Mentor form

By signing up your interest, you are giving your consent for the CISI to pass on your email address to a mentor/mentee along with the initial questionnaire; parties are then free to contact one another.

Matching Mentors and Mentees


The CISI is looking for volunteer mentors who should meet the following requirements:

  • Based in the UK
  • An active CFPTM professional
  • A member of the Financial Planning Forum

The CISI is looking for mentees who should meet the following requirements:

  • Based in the UK
  • A member of the CISI
  • A member of the Financial Planning Forum
  • Embarking on the pathway to obtain the CFPTM designation OR aspiring to progress within the financial planning profession

The mentee will have a passion for financial planning and is able to progress within their career or begin the CFPTM qualification.

The pairing of a mentor and mentee is essential to a successful mentoring scheme which is why the CISI ask that both parties meet the above requirements. We ask that both parties are also prepared with realistic expectations before the scheme commences so they can be outlined beforehand in the questionnaire and discussed in the initial conversation.


Mentoring can be highly advantageous for all those who participate as it provides a real opportunity to gain perspective on a shared area and uncover aspects of a profession you have never thought to explore. By partaking in the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme, both mentors and mentees will discover that there are several tangible and intangible benefits, some of which are immediate and others which will be recognisable in the long run.

  • Discover new financial planning related ideas and perspective on a range of topics.
  • Tailored and bespoke mentoring/guidance for your individual needs.
  • Developing on existing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.
  • Guidance throughout your personal development from a CFP professional.
  • Progression of new skills and knowledge.
  • Clearer direction on your personal values, career path and objectives.
  • Increased confidence to obtain personal goals.
  • Potential for additional networking opportunities.
  • Improve or develop leadership and mentoring skills.
  • Discover new ideas and perspective on a range of topics whilst working with different people.
  • Opportunity to reflect on personal goals and experience.
  • Reinforce your interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Develop and retain talent with your own profession.
  • Improve your confidence and motivational skills.
  • Personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others.

Mentoring Timeline (For Guidance Purposes Only)

Below is a mentoring timeline of your journey over the duration of the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme. These are not made to measure, and we appreciate it some aspects may not be applicable to all but the CISI would encourage both parties to use this as an aid over the course of their mentoring. Each phase may last for several meetings before each party is happy to move onto the next.

Within the initial stages of the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme, it is essential for both parties to establish their expectations and build a trusting rapport. Expectations from both parties will be outlined and a structure implemented as to how often the meetings will occur and the format for the duration of the meetings.
  • Listen to the mentee's goals and expectations as well as clearly outlining your own. It is important that you as a mentor find the experience beneficial also.
  • It would be a great opportunity for you to ask your mentee questions on their personal experiences and skills; this will help you gain a better understanding into their ability and you can plan your future meetings accordingly.

  • Arrive with a clear outline of your goals and expectations from your mentor. These can more focused on the financial planning profession itself or focused on your personal ability such as leadership or time management.
  • It would be the perfect opportunity to ask your mentor questions to help better your understanding of the profession.
  • Try to identity your strengths so you can build on them, and your weaknesses to overcome.

The mentee should now be starting to achieve some of the goals outlined in the initial phase. They will be exploring options in the route to achieving their goals within the financial planning profession and realistic expectations should be set. The mentee will know be beginning to think more critically and has a greater understanding of problem solving techniques.
  • Provide advice and guidance for the mentees goals and aspirations based on your own experience and knowledge. This will allow for realistic expectations of progression.
  • Offer constructive feedback to the mentee on their performance e.g. work on time management or be more proactive in the work place.
  • Stimulate the mentee to help them think critically and understand the impact their decisions will have in the long term.

  • Once you have identified your strengths and weakness, attempt to work on them and provide feedback at your next mentoring meeting.
  • Does the current structure of your meetings work well for you? Liaise with your mentor and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • You should be starting to tackle dilemmas professionally; collating facts and defining the problem.

The mentor should have now obtained their goals or have a clear understanding of the route to obtain them. The relationship between mentor and mentee should have improved significantly with the mentee having increased independence and require less guidance than previously.
  • Develop a more equal relationship with your mentee as they progress through the financial planning profession/obtain their CFPTM qualification.
  • Reflect on your own expectations set out in the initial phase, have they been fulfilled?

  • You should know be progressing within your career as you have increased confidence and knowledge of the profession.
  • Develop a more equal relationship with your mentor
  • Reflect on your own goals and expectations set out in the initial phase – have they been fulfilled?


Feedback is essential within the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme as it provides individuals with time to reflect and evaluate their journey. Mentees and mentors will be asked to submit feedback questionnaires during the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if both parties fail to build a trusting relationship and an environment for learning?
The CISI recommends that the parties discuss and agree a way to move forward whether that be carrying on and working on the relationship, requesting a new mentor or the mentor withdrawing from the process. If you wish to be paired with someone else, then please contact CISI and bear in mind that there may be a waiting period.

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?
Professional coaches and mentors distinguish between the two as follows: coaching involves a shorter-term strengthening of an individual’s specific skill or knowledge, while mentoring is a longer-term process, helping the individual to see the destination but not mapping out how to get there. To develop the next generation of planners – to pass on the mantle to talented professionals we need to mentor. Many individuals are informally and, in some cases, formally mentoring colleagues and helping other great educational causes. For quite some time our CFPTM professionals have wanted to put something back and support others who aspire to become financial planners and CFPTM professionals.

I am struggling to get in touch with my mentor/mentee, can you help?
If either member does not make themselves available after agreeing to participate in the scheme, then you should contact the CISI who will try and make contact.

Can I mentor more than one individual?
The CISI is happy for mentors to take on two mentees as long as they are certain they can ensure they have enough time to dedicate to both individuals equally. As the mentees will have their own individual needs and expectations, we ask that the meetings are kept separate rather than being in a group format. The mentor will be asked to complete separate feedback forms for each mentee and the CISI does not recommend more than two mentees per mentor.

Am I able to meet up with my mentor/mentee in person?
We recommend that virtual meetings take place via Skype, Zoom or over the phone.

We would like to thank our Financial Planning Corporate Supporters for their help with this scheme