• FP Conference 19 -700

    Four financial planning resolutions for 2020

    The turn of the year is always a good time for reflections and resolutions. Here, we remind ourselves of some of the insights shared at the 2019 Financial Planning Conference and consider what they tell us about the priorities for financial planners in the year ahead
    by Eila Madden
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  • fintech vulnerable clients700

    Fintech and vulnerable clients

    Jacqueline Lockie CFP™ Chartered FCSI, CISI head of financial planning, looks at the potential impact of advancing technology on vulnerable clients
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  • Mortgages_700

    Home is where the heart is

    Lifetime mortgages are an option for asset-rich, cash-poor clients who might be struggling to fund later life objectives. Where does consideration for them fit into a financial planner’s relationship with clients?
    by Gill Wadsworth
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  • Montage Team Photo700

    My business: Financial freedom

    Peter Montague, Chartered FCSI, CEO at Montage Wealth Management, set up the firm with the goal of helping clients achieve the freedom of financial independence
    by Jane Playdon

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  • q3_preview_700

    The latest print edition of The Review is out now

    A peek at the latest hard copy of The Review
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  • retirement planning700

    Retirement planning – far more than number crunching

    How does our identity change when we retire? And what does this mean for paraplanners putting together a financial plan? Jacqueline Lockie CFP™ Chartered FCSI, CISI head of financial planning, considers some recent research

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  • berry n oak700

    Financial Planning Gala Awards 2019

    The CISI’s Financial Planning Gala Awards were held on Monday 30 September 2019 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. Attendees donated around £5,500 to MQ Mental Health Research Charity. Congratulations to all the winners!

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  • FPW19-700

    Financial Planning Week 2019: Plan well to live well

    Consumers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are being encouraged to start their autumn with a free, personal finance guidance session worth up to £500 during Financial Planning Week 2019, 7-11 October
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  • Pavis700

    My business: Financial planning, not financial selling

    Quentin McCormick CFP™ Chartered FCSI, managing director at Pavis Financial Management, on the value of long-term financial planning and the importance of using the right tools
    by Jane Playdon
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  • iStock-97475793_700x385

    Playing by the PROD rules

    In the next print edition, PROD rules come under the spotlight and Rory Percival, founder of Rory Percival Training and Consulting and former technical specialist at the FCA, gives his insight on what advisers need to act on. Here's a preview
    by Gill Wadsworth
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  • F1-700

    Teamwork makes a difference

    Jacqueline Lockie CFP™ Chartered FCSI, CISI head of financial planning, was inspired by how the Mercedes F1 team worked together at the Hungarian Grand Prix
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  • launch700

    Early investing pitfalls

    The Woodford fund situation highlighted the need to look deeper under the bonnet when researching, says Jacqueline Lockie CFP™ Chartered FCSI, CISI head of financial planning
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  • paper-trail_700

    The end of the paper trail

    Paper share certificates are to be phased out. What will this mean for the future of trade settlement and why do the holders of those certificates need to act now?
    by Richard Willsher 
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  • FP-around-world_700

    Around the world with CFP™ professionals

    CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals around the world may face different challenges depending on where they are. Amyr Rocha-Lima CFP™ MCSI draws together insights and views from global professionals 

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  • effective-manager_700

    How to be an effective manager

    Everyone likes the idea of working for a good boss, but what does that actually mean and how can you succeed at managing teams? 
    by Steve Smethurst

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  • Kinder700

    Profile: George Kinder, the father of life planning

    George Kinder, founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, explains why financial planners need to spend more time listening to their clients to help them achieve their life goals
    by Dominic Dudley
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