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    Ask the experts: Insurance Distribution Directive

    The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) introduces a pan-European regime that harmonises regulation of insurance distribution activities across the single market, to improve consumer protection standards and promote a single market for insurance sales. While these obligations are not entirely new to UK firms, the IDD is much more prescriptive. Bovill’s Umar Mohamad explains
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    How to make a good first impression

    There’s nothing worse than getting off on the wrong foot with colleagues when starting a new job. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid this
    by Adelina Adjei
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    Beating the transfer market: When customers need to transfer their assets

    Technology has made investment and pension transfers easier, but not all transfers and re-registrations are straightforward
    by Phil Thornton
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    In the news: Gloomy start to 2019 trading

    Investors are warned to brace themselves for a bumpy ride as global stock markets get off to a shaky New Year start
    by Eila Madden
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    The opportunities and threats of digitalisation

    Digitalisation can benefit a financial services firm, but what should businesses considering investing in more digital approaches be wary of? 
    by Paul Bryant 
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    Learning lessons

    What have we learnt in the ten years since the crash? An Edinburgh-based library charting the mistakes of the financial services sector is a salutary reminder that we must look to the past to avert future crises
    by Martin Flanagan 
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    Profile: Sir Alan's nine years as chairman of the CISI

    Sir Alan Yarrow, Chartered FCSI(Hon) stepped down as CISI chairman in October. He talks through his time at the institute, how far the financial services sector has come, and his thoughts on topics of the hour, including diversity and cyber crime 
    by Bethan Rees
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    Taking the P out of GDP?

    Five experts give their view on GDP, and whether it’s the best measure for economies 
    by Phil Thornton
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    Considering REITs

    Real Estate Investment Trusts give ordinary investors exposure to the physical commercial property market. How do they work and why could they be a good investment?
    by Phil Thornton 
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    How to tackle workplace bullying

    Bullies in a place of work can make a person’s life extremely difficult, no matter what stage of their career they are at. Here’s guidance on how to handle this situation 
    by Bethan Rees
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