rdrRDR Qualifications

New advisers have 30 months to gain an appropriate qualification, starting when the trainee begins the relevant activity under supervision. For most activities, individuals may only start an activity once the regulatory module has been attained. They will then have 30 months to attain the rest of the qualification.

Some qualifications at Level 4 or above on the FCA's tables will additionally require gap-fill to meet the RDR qualification requirements.

New or trainee advisers can take the RDR compliant qualifications.  New advisers may also take Private Client Investment Advice and Management (PCIAM) once they have completed the Investment Advice Diploma (IAD).

International Advisers

International advisers who are new to the UK and whose firm believes they qualify under FCA rule TC 2.1.9 can take the CISI's Level 4 UK Regulation and Professional Integrity exam.

The CISI's Statement of Professional Standing application process is available here.

Definitions of RDR Specialist Areas

Advisers affected by the RDR who are unsure which specialist area they advise in, are recommended to check with their compliance department. Alternatively please find links below to the Regulator's definitions:

Retail Investment Products 
These links will take you to the FCA glossary, advisers will need to scroll to the definition.

If you require further information on qualifications, gap-fill or SPSs for RDR purposes, please email rdr@cisi.org