June 15 2012

CISI/ESA Awards Ceremony Lebanon – Banking and Financial Qualifications (BFQ)

Since 2006, the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires has been involved in the implementation of banking and financial qualifications(BFQ) in line with the provisions set by the Banque du Liban (BDL circular no. 103 dated 06/03/2006). Accordingly, the ESA has trained several professionals in the banking and financial sectors on these qualifications and organized different examination sessions.

In this respect, the ESA wanted to mark the success of the best candidates by organizing an award ceremony, on Friday, June 15 2012, at ESA’s gardens.

The objective of this event was to reward laureates with the highest score achieved by qualification and year, highlighting their success. Prizes were also distributed to banks and financial institutions with the highest success rate by exam. The ceremony gathered the winners and representatives of the Lebanese banks and financial institutions, in addition to our European and American partners in this project: ESCP Europe, the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

The event was inaugurated with a welcome note by Mr. Stéphane ATTALI - ESA General Director who highlighted the important part that finance and financial markets play in ESA’s academic programs. He then reminded of the context in which the qualifications were first initiated by the Banque du Liban in 2006 and the role that the CISI played in their making.

Then, Mrs. Ruth Martin – Managing Director of CISII took the floor and said: “We are delighted to recognize these successful candidates who have excelled themselves in their areas of expertise by combining busy jobs with afterhours study. We also thank the firms who have supported these candidates and invested in their development to enable them to achieve higher levels of professional competence”.

Finally, Mr. Camille Moussa – ESA’s Scientific Director of the Financial Markets programs, said: “Over the past 5 years, I have discovered the Lebanese banking sector, by being integrated with banks and bankers on many levels; I have discovered what a solid and sound banking system we have. The prudence and foresight of our regulator, and the norms, values, traditions of our banks and bankers have truly made our banking system a model system. I have seen this model system evolve and become more fundamentally sound. The number of bankers who have trained with me over the past 5 years is about 3500; I have seen exceptional and amazing talent walk through these gates, and I cannot but be proud that our banking system is what it is. I still run into bankers who trained with me before, and I always hear just about the same thing repeating. I had some branch managers who told me the courses have given them better confidence in their ability to deal with clients. I had others that told me they can better understand client needs.”

Personalities from the Banking and Financial sectors were also present on the ESA campus to celebrate this special event.

For additional information, please contact the ESA by telephone on 01/373373 or by email: communication@esa.edu.lb

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