rdr Qualifications Gap-Fill 

Advisers in the UK or Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man holding these qualifications can complete gap-fill to meet the RDR qualification requirements.

Any gaps between the content of these qualifications and the Level 4 exam standards need to be filled by structured learning. The CISI has mapped how much and what type of qualification gap-fill advisers need to undertake.
The CISI recommend Structured Learning to fill top-up gaps for advisers possessing qualifications recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for RDR qualification purposes.
Individual gap-fill factsheets are available for the following:
PCIAM gap-fill Factsheet
LSE gap-fill Factsheet
IAC gap-fill Factsheet
CWMQ gap-fill Factsheet
CISI Diploma gap-fill Factsheet

Advisers whose only evidence is the designation MSI Dip should follow the gap-fill guidance as for the LSE exams.  Advisers who hold the Level 6 Diploma should complete the relevant gap-fill for their combination of units.

Advisers with PCIAM and IMC (Level 3) have a small gap to fill for Securities which can be filled with reading, (reading material). Please note, gap-fill is still required for some of the core and specialist areas, and the gap-fill factsheet should be referred to above.

CII Gap-Fill
For CISI members holding CII qualifications seeking guidance on gap-fill, please see here.

For more information, please email rdr@cisi.org