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Whatever your situation the CISI can help you get started

We partner with Schools, Colleges and Universities to offer qualifications which help students understand the industry and prepare them for a career in financial services. The Institute work closely with CISI members, regional committees and Corporate Supporters to advise young people, from all backgrounds, about the wide variety of job opportunities which are available.

  • Schools and Colleges
  • University
  • Educational Trust
  • Industry and Firm Engagement
  • Apprenticeships

Free Financial Education Resource For Citizenship Teachers

In light of the recent National Curriculum announcement, we have worked with pfeg and the Citizenship community to produce guidance for KS3 and KS4 teachers about how to deliver financial education within Citizenship.

This resource is designed to: help teachers understand the connections between Citizenship and financial education; bring together the personal and public aspects of financial education; help schools develop a coherent approach to the delivery of financial education through Citizenship and other curriculum subjects; and provide practical ideas and activities for the successful delivery of personal finance education within Citizenship.

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