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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Safari) on your computer or mobile phone. They allow websites to store such things as user preferences, visitor statistics and can streamline your use of websites. You can think of cookies as providing a "memory" for the website, enabling it to recognise a user and respond appropriately.

For more details about cookies and details of how to delete and disable cookies you can visit or see below for more information.

What types of cookies do we use

We use 3 main types of cookies on our website:
  • Strictly necessary cookies are essential to the navigation of our website and to features such as, logging in, online shopping or watching videos.
  • Performance cookies allow us to collect anonymous data on how visitors use our website; they are only used to improve how our website works
  • Functionality cookies remember certain information from the choices you make whilst using our website. They may be used to save search settings, login details or shopping basket items
By continuing to use our website you agree that we can place both essential and non-essential cookies listed below on your computer or mobile device.

Cookies from the CISI

These are 1st party cookies set by us.

Cookies from third parties

We use a range of 3rd party tools and services to provide you with the best possible user experience. The list below contains all cookies set by these 3rd parties. Please note the lists of cookies are comma separated and may not be exhaustive as providers may change the way they use cookies at any time.

You can accept or block cookies

By using our website you agree that we can place both essential and non-essential cookies on your computer or mobile device.

Most internet browsers are automatically set up to accept cookies, but you can set your browser to refuse the cookies from our site or ask your browser to show you when a cookie has been set up. Certain Services are only activated by the presence of a cookie and, if you choose to refuse cookies, particular features of our website may not be available to you. Please visit the About cookies website for more information on blocking cookies.

Please note, if you share the use of a computer, accepting or rejecting the use of cookies will affect all users of that computer.

Flash cookies

We use Adobe Flash Player, as part of YouTube, to deliver video content throughout the site. To improve user experience, Local Shared Objects - or Flash Cookies as they are commonly known - are employed to provide features such as auto-resume and for saving your preferences. Flash Cookies are stored on a user's terminal much the same as cookies are, however it is not possible to manage them at browser level in the same way.

The Adobe website provides comprehensive information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies either for a specific domain or for all websites.

More information

If you require more information on cookies in general please visit or

Or if you have any questions please contact us.