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What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship combines a job with an accompanying skills development programme designed by employers. Young people and adult learners can earn a salary whilst gaining technical knowledge and real practical experience, along with functional and personal skills, required for their immediate job and future career. A typical programme includes:
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Rathbones Liverpool has taken on six apprentices for an innovative new training programme. The apprentices are completing two years of on-the-job training across a wide range of back-office (operations) roles and a study programme leading to a National Vocational Qualification in Business Administration (level 2) during their first year and the CISI's IOC (level 3) during the second.

Follow the new recruits via their blogs:

Amy Kirby
Operations Apprentice
Rathbone Brothers Plc

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Lewis Manning
Trust & Tax Apprentice Rathbone Brothers Plc

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Jonathan Jones
IT Apprentice
Rathbones Brothers Plc

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Connor Day
RPAS Apprentice Rathbone Brothers Plc

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Greg Beaver
Operations Apprentice
Rathbone Investment Management

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Paul Edwards
Operations Apprentice
Rathbone Brothers Plc

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Read more about the Rathbone’s initiative as reported in the CISI's Securities & Investment Review.