Register and Book your CISI Qualifications

This page contains all the information you need to be able to register and book exams with the CISI. Should you still have a question please contact us using the details below.

Register with the CISI
New candidates intending to take CISI qualifications need to first register with the CISI. Upon registering, you will receive a candidate number, password and access to the CISI's online systems including the exam shop.

Book your exams
Candidates can book:

Register for your qualification
After booking your exams you need to register for your qualification. The Qualifications Registration Form (QRF) guidance notes will help you complete this form.
Please note: The QRF must be completed by the individual candidate and cannot be completed by the candidate’s firm or Accredited Training Provider - Unit and qualification certificates will not be released to candidates who have not completed a QRF 

Please be sure you have read and understood the exam regulations and policies.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is a single payment for every candidate taking an exam. Once the fee is paid there is no repeat registration fee required, no matter how many times a candidate takes exams, including additional CISI qualifications. The CISI system automatically detects when the fee is NOT payable for subsequent exams.

Please note that the registration fee is separate from the exam entry fee which you must pay when booking an exam.

Student Membership

New CISI exam candidates receive one year's free student membership on payment of the qualification registration fee and completion of the qualification registration form. If another exam is booked whilst the free student membership is active, the membership is extended by another 12 months.

Candidates who are already Student members of the CISI will not have to pay the qualification registration fee.

Please note that for the following qualifications, Student membership of the CISI is compulsory and is awarded automatically when candidates register for the exam:

English language requirements

The CISI's exams require a good standard of English, as well as knowledge of the technical terms associated with the subject matter of the exams.

Questions are not set to trick candidates, but they are designed to test specific knowledge and understanding and candidates need to absorb information quickly and to read questions very closely.

You can see some sample questions here.

Candidates may find it useful to refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR). This was put together by the Council of Europe as a way of standardising the levels of language in exams in different regions.  It is very widely used internationally.

The framework contains six levels with descriptions of each level.

The six levels are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

Although it is not a requirement that candidates taking CISI exams have a specified level of English language, it is advised that candidates should be proficient in English to B2 level.

Further information and free practice tests are also available

CBT Exams

You can check times for all CBT exams (UK and non-UK venues) via the CISI shop to see which exam times are available at your chosen venue.

Alternatively you can contact us.

Narrative Exams

The dates for narrative exams are published here. 

Narrative Exam Dates 2015

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