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Why work with the CISI?

Our partnerships with education centres enable educators and industry to work together to disseminate knowledge and offer real world learning experiences to encourage and develop the next generation of financial services talent. Our qualifications, approved for delivery at GCSE (level 2) and A level (level 3) can be seamlessly embedded into your curriculum and aim to develop students’ knowledge of the financial services industry and its functions and challenge them to think about implications for their own personal finance decisions.

Key Stage 5

Diploma in Finance, Risk & Investment (DipFRI)(A Level Equivalent)
Certificate in Finance, Risk & Decision Making(A/S Level Equivalent)

Certificate for Introduction to Securities & Investment(A/S Level Equivalent)

Higher level CISI qualifications can be taken as part of an Advanced Apprenticeship in Providing Financial Services.


Many universities are accredited to offer CISI qualifications and exemptions for CISI qualifications are available to students studying finance bases degrees.

Higher CISI Professional Qualifications

Students can choose to self-study for higher level CISI qualifications using our learning manuals & elearning.

The first step in the CISI qualifications pathway for recent university graduates and new entrants to the financial services industry is the Introduction to Investment. The schools/colleges qualification, Certificate for Introduction to Securities & Investment has been modelled on this exam.

Recognition & Employability
  • Our qualifications are recognised by banks and organisations as the preferred professional qualifications for industry practitioners.
  • Up to 120 UCAS points can be gained and our qualifications will be recognised on the DfE Performance Tables from 2016.
  • Work experience placements via our Investing in Futures scheme will enable your students to combine learning with on the job, real world experience.
  • Annual prizes are available to the best performing student undertaking CISI qualifications at your school/college.
  • Recognition for the overall highest achieving student(s) each year at our prestigious Annual Awards Ceremony, hosted by a representative of the Lord Mayor of the City of London.

Accessible & Affordable
  • Flexible teaching structure and the functionality to hold exam testing at your school/college.
  • Free teacher training, the services of a peripatetic teacher and provision of teaching materials.
  • Educational bursaries of up to £900 are available, as well as Government funding opportunities.

Connections & Opportunities
  • Our connections with financial services organisations, our 40,000 members and our branches in your local area can offer you added value and the opportunity to build partnerships, via practitioners to support classroom teaching, career presentations or mentoring.
  • Links with over 40 UK universities which we’ve recognised as leading institutions in financial services education.

Connect your students to a career in financial services

If your school is interested in joining our network please contact our Educational Development team:

+44 20 7645 0714

Our team will help you through the registration process, arrange a site visit to discuss your application and approve your test centre so you can get started. Once your school/college is registered you will be recognised as a centre accredited to teach and test CISI qualifications.