End of Year Process

The CISI runs an annual CPD scheme, with a target of 35 hours of logged CPD activities.  This is spread across two learning elements.

Members may choose a start date within the past 11 months when they register and then have one year from that date to meet the target. We appreciate that our members using the scheme are all busy people, therefore we have a policy of allowing all CISI CPD scheme users a full 28 days after their registration period officially expires to update their log with any activities that they may have undertaken but not yet logged.

Once this period passes, no further activities may be logged against the CISI CPD Log for that year - the logs become closed.

The next stage in the end of year process is CPD audit, for which 20% of members who have successfully met the CPD scheme requirements are selected. Members can be selected for audit up to a year after their CPD log has closed, although the CISI endeavours to select members within three months of the CPD log closing.

Certificates of achievement are issued to members who passed their CPD year, assuming they have all met the target, but please note members may still be selected for audit. 

Those selected for audit are sent their Audit certificate upon successful completion of the audit process.

Starting Your New Year of CPD

Members who are in the 28 day 'grace period' for the final logging of any undertaken activities may also start logging activities on their next year's CISI CPD log in order to be able to maintain a continuous cycle. When accessing the CISI CPD log, members are able to choose between their original (previous) or new (current) logs to record activities. 

Members who are affected by the RDR should bear in mind the date they plan to apply for an SPS when choosing their CPD year.  More information about this is available in our RDR Booklet

The ability to be able to edit both the previous and current CPD logs lasts only for the 28 day period. After this time, the original log will become permanently closed and may no longer be amended - although closed CPD years will remain available for viewing, for uploading CPD evidence and for assigning CPD to gap-fill.

If you have any questions about the end of year process, or any other CISI CPD scheme issue, please email  cpdscheme@cisi.org.