Chartered Wealth Manager

Chartered Wealth Manager is a title awarded by the CISI to recognise senior members in the retail sector at the pinnacle of their profession.

Chartered title is the mark of an up to date, experienced and qualified financial industry professional. The Chartered Wealth Manager title is separate from CISI membership designations and should be added underneath your name on business cards and letterheads; it will formally demonstrate your professional competence to employers, colleagues and customers, e.g:

John Smith, Chartered FCSI
Chartered Wealth Manager

The CISI is pleased to be able to offer this title to Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows who meet the criteria.

Benefits of Chartered Wealth Manager status

Once approved you will be entitled to use the professional title Chartered Wealth Manager on your business cards. You will become part of an elite group of CISI Chartered Wealth Managers, similar in standing as other Chartered professionals with a specific occupational role, such as Chartered Surveyors. 

The implementation of the RDR has improved professional standards across the industry; this title enables those who meet the criteria to formally confirm their expertise and stand out from the crowd.

For firms, having employees with Chartered Wealth Manager status demonstrates that staff are working at the highest standards in wealth management and the organisation is committed to professionalism and high standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.


Applicants will be awarded the title Chartered Wealth Manager by:
  • possessing the CISI Chartered Wealth Manager Qualfication (formerly known as the CISI Masters in Wealth Management) and
  • being a Chartered member of the CISI, at Chartered MCSI or Chartered FCSI level ; and
  • completing one year of verifiable RDR CPD (35 hours, minimum 21 hours structured learning). CPD must be logged using the CISI RDR CPD Scheme, or any firm's internal scheme that has been accredited by the CISI.
Please note:
  • Applications that do not meet all the requirements will not be accepted.

View the full policy for obtaining and maintaining Chartered Wealth Manager.

Application Process

Members who meet the qualifying criteria may apply for Chartered Wealth Manager title by completing the Chartered Wealth Manager application form or applying online via MyCISI.


There is a charge of £36 (including VAT) for this title and once your application is approved by the CISI you will be sent a certificate.

Please note the CISI may take up to 5 days to process online applications or 15 days  for manual applications submitted for Chartered Wealth Manager.

Approved Qualification 

The Qualification approved for Chartered Wealth Manager is the Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification (formerly know as the CISI Masters in Wealth Management).