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Cass Business School is one of Europe’s leading providers of business and management education, consultancy and research. It became a CISI recognised Centre of Excellence in May 2007.

The following Masters programmes have been recognised as having equivalence to the CISI Diploma:

 MSc Finance (full-time)

 MSc Investment Management (full-time)

 MSc Finance and Investment (part-time)

The CISI believes that integrity is a key component of professionalism, which is defined as the effective combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour. Our aim is for CISI membership to be the recognised hallmark of professionalism.

Therefore, before eligible students from a recognised Masters programme can apply for the appropriate exemption, the CISI requires them to have passed its IntegrityMatters test.

Application Forms

pdf CISI Student Membership Application Form
pdfCISI Exemption & Membership Upgrade Form

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