qualificationsGlobal and Country Specific Qualifications

Global Qualifications

The CISI has developed a number of examinations that are tailored to those operating in international markets. These qualifications are transferable overseas and offer candidates the knowledge and understanding to obtain competence. All qualifications lead into CISI membership at some level and all candidates are automatically enrolled as CISI student members while studying at no extra cost.

Global qualifications include

Global Model

All the above (except Islamic Finance Qualification) can be used to attain a CISI global qualification within the Global Model.

Country Specific Regulatory Programmes

The CISI also offers a range of country specific regulatory programmes.

Any of the regulatory exams listed under these programmes can be taken alone in order to fulfil the requirements of the regulator in the relevant country.  They may also be taken, and are recognised as the regulatory exam unit of the CISI Capital Markets Programme or Investment Operations Certificate (IOC) within the Global Model.

The CISI and Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA) announce world’s first entry level qualification for market participants

The CISI and the Palestine Capital Market Authority have created the world’s first entry level qualification for participants in the Palestine Capital Markets - a milestone in the development of the Palestinian Capital Market. The Palestine Sector Rules and Regulations Qualification (PSRRQ), is launched today and the first exam sitting will take place in Ramallah 21st September 2013.

The Palestine Capital Market Authority long realised that a key component to success was educated professionals working within the PCMA itself as well as those in the financial sector. A partnership with the CISI was established in 2009 to create the qualifications that would underpin that vision. This has already resulted in impressive numbers of candidates taking the CISI’s International Introduction to Investment whilst the new qualification unveiled today was under development.