What IiI offers

Investing in Integrity (IiI) is a Charter Mark designed to enable an organisation to reassure its key stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the general public - that its organisation can demonstrate a commitment to act with integrity at all times. IiI is available to organisations of all types and sizes.

There are two Stages to achieving the IiI Charter Mark. At Stage 1, the organisation carries out a comprehensive Management Self Assessment Survey of its ethical policies, procedures and practices, via an on-line submission. This generates a report showing its scores compared with other organisations registered with IiI. On completion of Stage 1, the organisation is then invited to subscribe to IiI and progress to Stage 2. This involves an independent assessment by a trained auditor to verify that the responses given to the Management Self Assessment Survey are supported in practice. The assessment will include site visits, policy and system reviews, staff interviews and an employee survey.

The IiI Charter Mark is awarded after successful completion of Stage 2. Full accreditation lasts for a period of five years and subscribers are licensed to display and use the IiI Charter Mark.

IiI can cover individual units, businesses or groups both in the UK and abroad. The cost of the assessment will depend upon the size of the participating operating units.

How will IiI benefit my organisation?

IiI benefits organisations both internally and externally. Internally, it enables organisations to assess the comprehensiveness of their Code of Ethics, how well it is embedded and how issues governed by the code are managed. It enables organisations to see what they are doing well and highlights areas for improvement. It also benchmarks where they are alongside others registered with IiI.

Externally, it provides a mark of recognition that helps to build trust by reassuring stakeholders, including the general public, that the organisation is investing in integrity.