How IiI works

There are two stages to the IiI accreditation process. At Stage 1, the organisation completes the online registration form and pays the appropriate fee to IiI. You will then receive a Registration Number and be given access, by password, to the online Management Self Assessment Survey. By registering, your organisation agrees to be bound by the IiI terms and conditions of the accreditation process.

On completion of Stage 1, the organisation is invited to subscribe to IiI and progress to Stage 2. This involves an external assessment by a trained auditor to verify that the responses given in the Management Self Assessment Survey are supported in practice. The assessment will include an onsite audit, policy and system reviews, staff interviews and an Employee Survey.

Organisations wishing to progress to Stage 2 must do so within two years of completing Stage 1.

The IiI Charter Mark is awarded after successful completion of Stage 2 and subscribers are licensed to display and use the IiI Charter Mark. Full accreditation lasts for a period of five years, subject to annual self certification and payment of the Annual Subscription Fee.

IiI can cover individual units, businesses or groups both in the UK and abroad. The cost of the assessment will depend upon the size of the participating operating units.

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