Who is IiI

Investing in Integrity is a not-for-profit company owned by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) and the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), two leading nonprofit bodies who promote high standards of ethics and integrity in business and finance.

They felt that a system of public recognition of organisations who had made significant efforts to embed high ethical standards and whose efforts were ongoing, would be valuable to the organisation’s stakeholders and the public at large. Thus the IiI Charter Mark was founded in 2012 with the intention of providing reassurance that an accredited organisation does have regard for ethical matters and that they ‘practice what they preach’.

All audits conducted as part of the IiI accreditation process are done so by IiI’s partner organisation, GoodCorporation.

The IBE was established in 1986 to encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. The IBE raises public awareness of the importance of doing business ethically and collaborates with other UK and international organisations with interests and expertise in business ethics. The IBE offers practical help to organisations wishing to strengthen their ethics culture.

The CISI is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK and in a growing number of major financial centres around the world. Formed in 1992 by London Stock Exchange practitioners, it now has more than 40,000 members in 110 countries. In the past year, CISI set almost 38,000 examinations in over 66 countries, covering a range of vocational qualifications.

GoodCorporation is recognised globally as a leader in the audit of corporate responsibility and business ethics, with unparalleled experience of checking and measuring behaviour on the ground, identifying problem areas and finding practical solutions. It has conducted over 400 assessments in more than 50 countries, many in difficult and challenging environments. GoodCorporation works with organisations of all sizes from multinationals (including 12 FTSE 100 companies) and SMEs.